"B Ready for Big Money" | TUES, APR 15th  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Speaker: Paul Wendee
Paul Wendee will present a workshop directed to raising money to build a successful company. The workshop will include the numerous places to find money and the preparation needed including the basic business model, the financial projections and most important what is needed to excite the money sources. Paul will also cover techniques on how to build value.

DeMille Hall Room 148
Chapman University
This building is on Glassell Ave - next to Beckman Hall.


"So You Have a Great Idea, Now What?" | FRIDAY, APR 11th  7:30 PM 
(Networking begins at 7:00 PM)

Speaker: John Rau
  • President/CEO of Ultra-Research, Inc., a 28-year old Anaheim-based intellectual property market research company 
  • Member of the Inventors Forum Board of Directors
  • Member of the Chapman University Leatherby Center Entrepreneurship In-Residence Program, member of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Mentor Program, 
  • Certified SCORE counselor. 
  • Contributing writer of the "Market Research Tip of the Month" article for Inventors Digest magazine, the leading national inventors publication.


Web Marketing For Success | WED, APR 9  7:00 PM

  • Leatherby Event Open to the Inventors Forum
  • Chapman University,  DeMille Hall 148 
  • Nick Lynch and Matt Bailey

You Will Learn...Nick Lynch

  • How to target your audience
  • How the internet changed the way businesses connect with potential customers
  • Marketing mix: How to spend money to increase business
  • Website basic and what is needed for an attractive and effective website
  • Getting social and how to utilize Facebook, Twitter,  You Tube, Blogs, etc.
  • How to use online data to improve marketing decisions.
  • How to monetize online content 


The next meeting is on March 28th. 
It is a member's only meeting but it easy to become a member!
Be sure to come and offer advice and guidance to your fellow inventors or ask for help on one of your own projects.  All you need is an idea... you never know where it will lead.

The Friday March 14, 2014 open meeting was:

Learn the basic steps of inventing and particularly in following through until you have something on the market!


Michael McEntee: Michael McEntee:
previous meetings:

Crowdfunding for Your Invention

Speakers: Dennis Cabarroguis of CrowdLocal, Kina deSantis of MotorMood, Cynthia Kirkeby of Startupmanship.com

Yes it is on Valentine's Day, but we'll have a couple of fun giveaways. So, make sure you attend and maybe you'll win one of them.  If you've wondered what Kickstarter is all about, we'll fill you in, and you will also learn about a new local version call CrowdLocal. Don't miss it.


Our previous meeting:

Your Invention - It Matters What It Looks Like

Speakers are Tom and Tracy Hazzard of Hazz  Designs

Click on New Venue - Chapman U above for maps and parking passes.


The September 13 seminar meeting was:

Market Validation - Inexpensively, our speaker is: Cynthia Kirkeby a serial entrepreneur in multiple industries and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Chapman University
Wouldn't it be nice to know if there is a market for your product before you get too far with it.

*****************************************************************************Market oThe The August 9 seminar was:

The Topic was Marketing and Advertising for Inventors with speaker John Loper, an instructor at the Art Center College of Design.


The Friday July 12th seminar was:

Do Your Own Novelty Searching (for patentablity)
Speaker: George White (for the last time this year!) 

One of the early steps in getting a new idea on the road to success (or canning it) is learning what has already been done or written about that is similar. Novelty searching's goal is to get information to help you decide if you think it is patentable or what aspects are patentable. And the task is not confined to searching for patents!

Learn tips and tricks and remember, if you don't find it, it doesn't mean it isn't there.


Our June 14th seminar was:

The subject was: Get it made in Orange County!

Do factories on Edinger and Red Hill sound local enough for you? Hear from people who represent the real possibilities of local sourcing.


Our May seminar was:

3 Keys To A Winning Invention
Speaker: Eric Rose
eric rose
Eric is a well-known expert in new product introduction. He organizes a meet-up group for inventors in Los Angeles. Eric has a certification credential from the Product Development and Management Association as a New Product Development Professional (NPDP) - and over 30 years experience in commercialization in healthcare and consumer products.

Note:  The powerpoint of April's sourcing talk are in the member-only section now.


Our open meeting seminar on Friday April 12, 2013 was:

Sourcing from Asia for Inventors

Speaker: Edith Tolchin (the "Sourcing Lady")

Edith is a well known expert on the subject of inventors finding and managing manufactures in China and Taiwan. She is coming out from New Jersey and will teach us something about the in's and out's of this important topic. 


Welcome to the Southern California based Inventors Forum website.  Please explore the various headings above to learn more about our 501(c)3 non-profit inventors group.  We meet at Chapman University in Orange, California on the second and last Friday of the month except  from late-November to mid-January.





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