Welcome to the Southern California based Inventors Forum website. Please explore the various headings above to learn more about our 501(c)3 non-profit inventors group. We meet at Chapman University in Orange, California on the second and last Friday of the month except from late-November to mid-January.

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August 29th, members only meeting - but it is easy to become a member!

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Our Own Eric Karich & Cynthia Kirkeby
 on Branding, Trademarks, & Copyrights

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FRIDAY - July 11, 2014

Burke Franklin, author of Business Black Belt and creator of BizPlanBuilder
Burke will step you through a number of ideas to help you build your business without raising capital. If/when you want to raise capital, whether it's through angels, banks, crowd-funders, or venture capital investors, you'll be in a far better position.He's worked with entrepreneurs, consultants and investors over the past 25 years and there are certain things that you must do.

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Have you ever wondered how Direct Response Television industry works?

  Our speaker is John Hurley of AllStar Products.

 What exactly it takes to get a product labeled with the sticker "As Seen on TV?" As an inventor, have you dreamed of getting your product on DRTV but don't know how? Come and learn !!  

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On Friday May, 9th the topic was:
 "The Life of a Patent Application - what to do when you get a letter from the USPTO."
Our speaker is George White a patent agent and active Inventors Forum Member

If you are a DIY inventor/patentee you know that writing and filing your application is hard, but harder is deciphering the notices you get from the USPTO. What do "Notice to File Missing Parts" and "Notice of Omitted Items" mean. Is one of them near fatal and the other not a big deal? "Restriction Requirement". "Office Action on the Merits", How final is a "Final Office Action"?. Those canned paragraphs the examiner pastes in, and of course "Notice of Allowance".
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Hardware Show & Tell | MON, APR 28th  3:30 - 6:30 PM

The Inventors Forum is one of the members of OCWorx; a hardware focused meetup, and we're having our first event.

Hardware Show N' Tell, the series,  is a brand new recurring meetup for innovators in hardware and fans of innovations in hardware.  We get together once a month / twice if warranted, at various locations, always casual, always unstructured, over beers and chips. 


9842 Research Drive, Irvine, CA 


April's Member Only Meeting | FRI, APR 25th  7:15 - 9:30 PM

Bring your best ideas and get feedback from your fellow inventors.  
Remember, membership covers you and your partner, spouse, co-inventor, parent, kid, or best friend.  So come to the meetings and learn more about inventing than you thought was possible.  Although our open sessions have great lectures, a lot of the actual "learning" takes place in our members only meetings.

Room 202, Argyros Forum Hall, Chapman University in Orange, California 92866.


"Crowdfunding" | WED, APR 23th  7:00 - 9:00 PM

Speakers: SWAV founders and others
We'll have some Chapman students who have had successful crowdfunding campaigns here to tell you how it was done.

DeMille Hall Room 148
Chapman University
This building is on Glassell Ave - next to Beckman Hall.
This is a free Leatherby Center event.  Seating is limited.


"B Ready for Big Money" | TUES, APR 15th  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Speaker: Paul Wendee
Paul Wendee will present a workshop directed to raising money to build a successful company. The workshop will include the numerous places to find money and the preparation needed including the basic business model, the financial projections and most important what is needed to excite the money sources. Paul will also cover techniques on how to build value.

DeMille Hall Room 148
Chapman University
This building is on Glassell Ave - next to Beckman Hall.


"So You Have a Great Idea, Now What?" | FRIDAY, APR 11th  7:30 PM 
(Networking begins at 7:00 PM)

Speaker: John Rau
  • President/CEO of Ultra-Research, Inc., a 28-year old Anaheim-based intellectual property market research company 
  • Member of the Inventors Forum Board of Directors
  • Member of the Chapman University Leatherby Center Entrepreneurship In-Residence Program, member of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Mentor Program, 
  • Certified SCORE counselor. 
  • Contributing writer of the "Market Research Tip of the Month" article for Inventors Digest magazine, the leading national inventors publication.


Web Marketing For Success | WED, APR 9  7:00 PM

  • Leatherby Event Open to the Inventors Forum
  • Chapman University,  DeMille Hall 148 
  • Nick Lynch and Matt Bailey

You Will Learn...Nick Lynch

  • How to target your audience
  • How the internet changed the way businesses connect with potential customers
  • Marketing mix: How to spend money to increase business
  • Website basic and what is needed for an attractive and effective website
  • Getting social and how to utilize Facebook, Twitter,  You Tube, Blogs, etc.
  • How to use online data to improve marketing decisions.
  • How to monetize online content 


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