Upcoming events

    • 09/11/2015
    • 7:15 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 5141 California Ave, Irvine, CA 92617 - The Institute for Innovation at UCI

    In's and Out's of Negotiating a License Agreement.

    Francesca KuglenFrancesca Kuglen, a successful serial entrepreneur who started her first company fresh out of college with $250 and sold it 11 years later to Newell- Rubbermaid, speaks with authority and passion. Francesca has numerous patents, inventions and trade secrets that have been successfully licensed to large corporations like Conair, Goody Products, etc , and she has made millions of dollars selling her products worldwide.

    She will speak to us about the details of negotiating a license agreement from an inventor's perspective.

    Our open session lecture series takes place at the Institute for Innovation at UCI at Research Park 

    Address:  5141 California Ave, Irvine, CA 92617

    The Beach - 2nd floor

    Seminar Series  INSTITUTE FOR INNOVATION @ UCI (ROOM 200) -  Held on the second Friday each month from February through November.  For topics and dates and location, see "Meetings" in the menu bar at the top of the page.  Registration starts at 7:00 PM.  The seminar runs from 7:30-9:00.  Networking follows.  Non-members $10 per person.  Members $5  per pserson (UCI and Chapman Students are free to these lectures). Membership is $50 per year for Founder + 1 Co-Founder ($25 for seniors, students, military, and disabled | UCI and Chapman University Students are $12.50 per year).

    Members Only Assistance Meetings:  CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY'S FOWLER LAW SCHOOL  (Room 142) - Held on the last Friday each month from January through October. Registration starts at 7:00, the meeting runs from 7:30 to approximately 9:15 PM.  Members only are permitted at this meeting and the door fee is $5 per person. (Students $2.00 per person)  At this meeting, members present their inventions and get suggestions from other members.  All attendees sign NDA documentation that they will keep what they have seen in confidence to protect the inventor.  This meeting is strictly "Members Only" but you can join IF at this meeting.


Past events

08/28/2015 August Member's Only Meeting @ The Fowler LAW SCHOOL
08/20/2015 Market Research for Startups
08/18/2015 Purple Platypus 3-D Printing Open House
08/14/2015 August Speaker Series: Mei Tsang - What Every Startup Should know about IP (Intellectual Property)
08/03/2015 Shark Tank CHCC (Latino) Deadline
07/31/2015 July Member's Only Meeting @ The Fowler LAW SCHOOL
07/30/2015 MotorMood Kickstarter
07/22/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
07/15/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
07/14/2015 Intellectual Property Fundamentals For The Start-up
07/10/2015 How to Pivot as an Innovator to Find Your Fit in the Marketplace
07/08/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
07/01/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
06/26/2015 June Member's Only Meeting @ The Fowler LAW SCHOOL
06/24/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
06/17/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
06/16/2015 60 Ways To Grow Your Marketing List
06/14/2015 My Million Dollar Invention - Smithsonian Channel
06/12/2015 10 Rules Everyone Should Know About Patents
06/10/2015 Tales from the Trenches with Scott Duffy
06/10/2015 TRADESHOW: Sensors Expo and Conference
06/10/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
06/08/2015 Build A Spacecraft with DIY CubeSat Makers
06/03/2015 TRADESHOW: West Coast Energy Management Conference
06/03/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
05/29/2015 May Member's Only Meeting @ The Fowler LAW SCHOOL
05/28/2015 How To Be A Social Media Marketing Rock Star
05/27/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
05/26/2015 SCORE: What You Need To Know When You Run Your Business Out Of Your Home
05/23/2015 Inventors Forum Movie Matinee
05/20/2015 TRADESHOW: Southern California Facilities Expo
05/20/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
05/09/2015 3rd OC Mini Maker Faire
05/08/2015 MAY IF Meeting - IP Strategies for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs - NEW LOCATION
05/08/2015 SCORE: The Big Event: Tools To Grow Your Business
05/07/2015 SCORE: Hiring Made Easy
05/06/2015 SCORE: "Got Message? How To Create A Powerful Message That Will Dramatically Boost Traffic, Sales & Profits"
05/06/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
04/29/2015 Evo Speaker Series Kickoff - What to Consider When Choosing a Business Partner
04/29/2015 1 Million Cups - Irvine
04/28/2015 Internet of Things Hackathon Workshop (Pre-Event)
04/27/2015 IEEE Presentation: Introduction to Arduino MONDAY NIGHT
04/27/2015 OC Worx Speaker Series: Stijn Vanorbeek and Hardware Show & Tell
04/24/2015 April Member's Only Meeting
04/11/2015 NASA Space Apps Challenge @PeopleSpace
04/10/2015 Stephen Key presents "How to License an Idea With or Without a Patent"
04/09/2015 Introduction to the OC Startup Community
04/08/2015 Eureka FEST ($15-TONIGHT) This is not INTRO to Startups
03/27/2015 March Member's Only Meeting
03/19/2015 Develop a Winning Business Plan
03/18/2015 Top 5 Website Revenue Streams
03/13/2015 Shelly Ehler - ShowNo Towel
03/12/2015 Social Media Marketing
03/09/2015 Intellectual Property Fundamentals for the Startup
02/27/2015 February Member's Only Meeting
02/25/2015 Get Started OC
02/13/2015 Inventing 101 -- The basic steps to inventing and following through
02/10/2015 SCORE Workshop - Top 5 Website Revenue Streams Anyone Can Activate
02/08/2015 Anaheim Convention - 8 Manufacturing Trade Shows
02/04/2015 David & Goliath Marketing -FREE
01/30/2015 January Member's Only Meeting
12/25/2014 Warren Tuttle - the Ins and Outs of Licensing to Major Kitchenware Company
12/08/2014 Hardware Show N' Tell #4
11/14/2014 2014 Success Story Night
11/12/2014 Plastics Engineers - PLANT TOUR & DINNER
10/24/2014 October Member's Only Meeting
10/22/2014 Webinar - Startup Fundraising 101
10/18/2014 Silicone Mold Making Class
10/15/2014 Design 2 part Show
10/10/2014 Idea to Invention with author Patricia Nolan-Brown
10/02/2014 Lean Coffee Workshop with OCHackerz
10/01/2014 106 Miles Speaker Series - Chris Guillebeau's The Happiness of Pursuit Book Tour
09/27/2014 Urban Workshop BBQ Halloween Preview
09/26/2014 September Member's Only Meeting
09/26/2014 From Recipe to Retail: An Entrepreneur’s Workshop on Strategies for Success in Bringing a Food Product to Market
09/15/2014 Intellectual Property Fundamentals For The Start-up
09/12/2014 Inventing Tips from a Professional Inventor
09/12/2014 IF IP Entrepreneur Mixer @ Chapman University
08/29/2014 August Member's Only Meeting
08/14/2014 Western Plastics Trade Show
08/08/2014 Eric Karich & Cynthia Kirkeby on Branding, Trademarks, & Copyrights
07/25/2014 July Member's Only Meeting
07/25/2014 Urban Workshop Grand Opening
07/11/2014 Burke Franklin, author of Business Black Belt and creator of BizPlanBuilder
06/23/2014 Hardware Show N' Tell #2
06/13/2014 How to Get Your Product on Direct Response TV?
06/03/2014 Crowdfunding
05/30/2014 Member's Only Meeting
05/09/2014 The Life of a Patent Application - what to do when you get a letter from the USPTO."
04/28/2014 Hardware Show and Tell #1
04/25/2014 Member's Only Meeting
04/23/2014 Crowdfunding
04/15/2014 B Ready for Big Money
04/11/2014 "So You Have a Great Idea, Now What?"
04/09/2014 Web Marketing For Success
03/14/2014 Inventing 101 -- The basic steps to inventing and following through
02/28/2014 Member's Only Meeting
02/14/2014 Crowdfunding for Your Invention
01/31/2014 Member's Only Meeting
10/11/2013 Your Invention - It Matters What It Looks Like
09/27/2013 Member's Only Meeting
09/13/2013 Lean Market Validation
08/09/2013 Marketing and Advertising for Inventors
07/12/2013 Do Your Own Novelty Search (for patentablity)
06/14/2013 Get it made in Orange County!
05/10/2013 3 Keys To A Winning Invention
04/12/2013 "The Sourcing Lady" Sourcing from Asia for Inventors
03/08/2013 First-to-File and Submitting your own Provisional Application
02/08/2013 Inventing 101 -- The basic steps to inventing
11/09/2012 Success Stories !
10/12/2012 Stephen Key
09/14/2012 Free help for Inventors !
08/10/2012 Plastics for Inventors in a Nutshell
07/13/2012 Funding Your Invention
06/08/2012 Inventing on a Shoestring
05/11/2012 Seminar on Trademarks and other non-patent legal issues
04/13/2012 Patents 101 1/2 -- Three Topics in Patenting
03/09/2012 Rapid Prototyping. Speaker is Ken Burns of Growit3D based in Lake Forest.
11/11/2011 Kellie Oliver - Is a TV Shopping Channel Right for your Product? How do you do it?
10/14/2011 Success Stories, Minna Ha, Henry Adams, Mark Weber, Rich Ernst
09/09/2011 Do-it-Yourself Patent Search with Theo G. Kafantaris, JD
08/12/2011 Robert Price - Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success
07/08/2011 Matthew Spark - Who are Patent Examiners and what do they really do?
06/10/2011 Chris Pegula - Started Successful Business from Scratch - Learned On-the-Job - All about Product, Brand, Perseverance and Customers
05/13/2011 Stephen Key - One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work
04/08/2011 Warren Tuttle, UIA President - How to Work with Major Manufactures and Brands
03/11/2011 Ellsa Grossman - The business of invention: Assessing start-up feasibility
02/11/2011 Michael McEntee, JD - Inventing 101 - The five basic steps to inventing, and an overview of IF's 5-Star Method
11/12/2010 How I Did It -- An In-Depth Case Study of a Successful Inventor
10/08/2010 Success Stories
09/10/2010 Financing for Inventors
08/13/2010 Direct TV Sales Primer
07/09/2010 How to Find and Negotiate with a Licensee
06/11/2010 Market Research: Why You Need it & How it's Done
05/14/2010 Write & File Your Own Provisional Patent
04/09/2010 Do-it-Yourself Patent Research
03/12/2010 Rapid Prototyping
02/12/2010 Inventing 101 -- The five basic steps to inventing, and an overview of IF's 5-Star Method
11/13/2009 Success Stories
10/09/2009 Taking Your Invention Business Seriously
09/11/2009 Rapid Prototyping
08/14/2009 So you've got a great idea! Now what?
07/10/2009 Infomercials, QVC, and Direct Response TV
06/12/2009 Write your own Provisional Patent
05/08/2009 Branding and Social Media Marketing
03/13/2009 What Not to Do when Inventing
11/14/2008 Michael L. Schack - Current Issues in Financing for Inventors
10/10/2008 Success Stories
09/12/2008 Terry Price - Cerritos College - Plastics for Inventors
08/08/2008 Salesmanship 101 -- Cold Calling & Other Sales Skills
07/11/2008 Write your own Provisional Patent
06/13/2008 Inventions – from Idea to Prototype to Production
05/09/2008 Rapid Prototyping
04/11/2008 What Every Inventor Needs to Know About Non-Patent IP (Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets)
03/14/2008 Patent Panel of Experts; Question & Answer Session
02/08/2008 The First Steps to Invention - Research



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