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The Inventors Forum is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization of Inventors helping Inventors for over 30 years. We are based in Orange County, CA.  

Join us online Friday night September 9 at 7:00 pm (PDT) for a seminar with Chris Landano, founder of Inventor Rescue, for his talk "Helping Inventors Identify Bad Invention Service Companies and Coaches"!

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Chris Landano

Founder of Inventor Rescue

Bio:  Chris is a patented inventor of Trakbelt360, a tool belt like no other. This was his first invention which took him over 14 years from idea to a sellable product. Along the way he was scammed and mislead by people who claimed they could help him. Some claim to be “INVENTOR FRIENDLY.” Chris being naïve and trusting of these individuals, resulted in thousands of dollars lost, along with years of delay. During this time, Chris was able to stay laser focused and use his first-responder skillset to survive the many obstacles he faced as an independent inventor.

He not only managed to overcome all the obstacles and keep moving forward, but he was able to manufacture his invention, get some sales and get the product into the hands of companies for a potential licensing deal. Along the way, he crossed paths with companies and individuals who promised they could help develop his idea and market it to companies who would pay big money for this type of product. But thanks to his inventor clubs, which he attended monthly in the New York City metropolitan area, Chris learned about all the necessary steps on how to bring an idea to market, and most importantly, learned from fellow inventors, very experienced with the invention industry who warned him to “BEWARE” of all the scam companies and their deceitful tactics. I was scammed along the way by a few companies and individuals, but I consider myself lucky compared to all the stories I’ve heard from other inventors. Now, Chris manages two inventor clubs in New York City. He is also an inventor ambassador for the United Inventors Association.

Helping people is in my blood. I was a professional rescuer in New York City for over 20 years. What led me to launching Inventor Rescue was seeing and hearing all the gut-wrenching stories of inventors giving away thousands of dollars to bad companies, known to be bad guys within the industry. Being an inventor with a professional first-responder background from New York City motivated me to try and make a difference to help new and naïve independent inventors not get scammed by the dishonest and fake consultants and companies.         

I call these fakes master manipulators who should be ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. They have been scamming inventors for so long, that they believe they are really helping people. Their clients believe it too. It’s usually not until months to years later that they realize they were scammed. Most choose not to come forward, but some brave ones do come forward and share their experiences. The bad guys have been pushing us inventors around for years like big BULLIES. If we come together, we can stop the bullying and change what’s become an industry standard of scamming and misleading inventors.

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The Loss of Inventor Rights – A Concise Description

For those new to the issue of inventors having lost the ability to stop large corporations from just taking valuable, patented technologies, here’s a quick rundown:

1. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB): The America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA) created an easier way to invalidate (revoke) an issued patent. The PTAB is an administrative court with no jury and much less due process than a real court. Rather than a lifetime-appointed judge, a PTAB trial typically has three attorneys who are called Administrative Patent Judges (APJs). Since inception, 84% of the patents that go through a PTAB process get fully or partially invalidated (partially usually means the parts of the patent that matter).

When you attempt to stop a large corporation from infringing your patent, they will try to use the PTAB to invalidate your patent. If you win one PTAB attack, you can still be pulled into additional ones by the same or other infringers. According to the AIPLA (American Institute of Patent Law Association), a reasonable PTAB defense costs $400,000 to $800,000. Historically, the typical inventor would hire an attorney on a contingency basis to fight an infringer (where the inventor doesn’t pay much up front and the attorney gets a percentage of the verdict award or settlement amount). Today, it is extremely rare for an attorney to take any PTAB case on contingency.